iOS Software Engineer

Moscow, Russia

Prisma AI team is looking for an iOS developer. We need another pair of hands to handle rapidly increasing amount of our technical showcases in AR and ML.

We are ready to talk with broad specter of candidates, since our job position is somewhat specific. If you are already working with ML or AR on mobile devices then you will be prioritized for sure, but we are ready for converting developers, coming from various roles. If you are a classic iOS developer who is looking to do something on the cutting edge of technologies, we will be glad to give you a platform to do so. Same goes to anyone coming from GPGPU/gamedev/ML spheres, if you have specific skills, we will be glad to help you with iOS part.

If you can put a checkmark next to at least some points, then reach out!

  • Experience with classic iOS development (middle and higher)
  • Experience with ARKit
  • Experience with game/render engine development
  • Experience with custom shading
  • Good mathematical background
  • Experience with machine learning (few step forward from finishing a Coursera)
  • Experience with GPGPU or any kind of parallel computing

What we offer

  • Competitive salary.
  • Experience working in a world-class startup with a cool team and unique projects.
  • Complete lack of bureaucracy, horizontal structure of the company.
  • We are result-oriented. The presence in the office is a must only if meetings with the team are scheduled.
  • We expect good time-management and self-organization. You are to manage your working time yourself. The only thing expected is meeting the deadlines.
  • Trips to conferences.